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  • Very Useful For Watching DivX Movies Online

    If your like me and like going to sites like NinjaVideo to watch shows and movies then DivX Web Player is an essential part of your life. It will allow you to watch any DivX movie on any site. The downsides are most... more

    by Matt Perkins

  • Bad practices

    Tries to install Google chrome and sets it as your default browser. There are rumors that this "option" is not actually optional. I wouldn't know since I didn't get past installation as this is... more

    by Elyvion

  • Divx Plus

    I am using the demo at the moment and it is slow. When I say slow I mean very slow, over six hours per movie. Also it sets itself on a low priority application, and so my lappys powersaving kicks in and stops the... more

    by TheHaduuken